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the squarewave parade - update - 11/2/13

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Sun Jan 12, 2014 3:07 pm   the squarewave parade - update - 11/2/13 reply with quote

the squarewave parade - update -

alright, screw it.

i'm not sure if this is a good idea or not... i've been really quiet about my health issue’s. they are kind of personal and heavy so i've been reluctant, but i think its time to open up about them. i'm told that what follows may scare some of you, try not to let that happen. those few of you that pre-ordered the ETHR deserve an explanation, and everyone else is wondering why the TeaspoonETHR is taking so long to get into production. well, the first PCB turned out to be garbage. then, the money i had set aside for the ETHR was sucked up by bills and rent. how long has it been one, two years? not sure, but its been a long time. the month long stays in the hospital fucked me for production time. something i've never let happen before. by the time i got out i was deep in debt and all of my house was packed up and stuffed into a storage container. since then i've moved three times and i've only ever been partially functional.

my health has been going downhill since the end of the CAS production. i have to say that being ridiculed by uncontrollable disembodied voices, having 3 hour conversations with my tv, and not being able to turn my attention toward anything else, has just about destroyed me.

eventually my doctors and i were able to get close to a workable situation. its still a struggle and they say the voices will never completely go away. some days are better then others.

- Schizoaffective disorder -

- Bipolar disorder / manic depression -

- Epilepsy -

- Anemia -

so here i am again asking for contributions for the cause. every dollar you send will go directly into the ETHR production. and i feel like a piece of shit asking for more money but i've run out of options. its this or walk to work in a grocery store for 5-6 months until i can afford to put the ETHR out alone

- you can send donations to paypal:

- you can also pre-order a TeaspoonETHR in whatever format you like. euro, frac banana, or motm - still no idea about release dates -

- or you can buy the DOWNGRADE or the SOFTCORE production rights. i lowered the prices

DOWNGRADE v2.3 production rights:

SOFTCORE production rights:

wishing you well,


- if you have nothing but negative things to say, i'd appreciate it if you would keep it to yourself

- if you would like to be removed from this mailing list just send a reply with REMOVE in there somewhere


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