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Mon Nov 15, 2010 4:10 pm   newsletter reply with quote

after spending the last few months in and out of mental institutions the squarewave parade (which has only ever been just me in case you didn't know) finds itself in a horrible situation. i have nothing to speak of other then a storage area holding things that i hope to be able to sell and the worn out welcome of the family floor to sleep on

i need help, three words i'm not a fan of. but they're unfortunately true

so i'm selling everything i can and screaming at the top of my lungs towards all of the extraordinary (and completely undeserving ) friends i've made over the last few years through TSP for assistance

i have a few things setup -

the TSP RUMMAGE SALE is found in the forum here its where i'll be selling all of my used equipment and random other things. i'll try to add new items often so please check back

if you would like to make a donation there are a couple methods. you can paypal whatever you can to this address: salt AT la-ac DOT com or you can visit the TSP store where i have setup a few presets -

if you have any other ideas or concerns please email me at -

thank you,


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