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FS: MFB - Kult drumbox (the sounds of the 80's) $200.00

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Sun Jan 11, 2009 3:04 am   FS: MFB - Kult drumbox (the sounds of the 80's) $200.00 reply with quote

(note..they've just discontinued this machine now..probably got sued from the original mfgs of the other drum machines sounds).

from the MFB site

On the occasion of MFB's 25th anniversary, we are proud to announce something special. Since 1979 four rhythm machines were developed and produced: MFB-301, MFB-501, MFB-512 and MFB-612. In Germany these devices are very popular, since the inexpensive machines contained interesting rhythms for rock musicians. MFB digitized some of these sounds, and a multiple sounds of other far common rhythm machines. All these samples are packed into the memory of the MFB-KULT. The 192 sounds are divided in 16 sets, whereby each set contains 12 sounds. Since not every each rhythm machine had 12 sounds, a set consists of sounds of up to three rhythm machines. On a keyboard each set has one octave, so that a 4 octave keyboard or each MIDI channel has four sound sets.

Sounds from following drummachines and devices are available: Boss 55, Casio PT-68, Casio VL-1, CR-78, CR-8000, Drumtracks, Drumulator, El. Harmonix, Hohner, Korg DDD1, Korg-220, KPR-77, Linn 1, MFB-401, MFB-501, MFB-512, MFB-612, Pearl SC-40, Rhythm Ace, Simmons Clap, Simmons SDS, TR-606, TR-727, TR-808, TR-909 and Vermona.

With each sound the volume and the panorama can be programmed. Beyond that the Attack time and the release time can be programmed for each sound. Since the sounds cannot be longer than the original sample, with longer release the compression is increased. The sounds can be played naturally also individually over the tracer. The sound can be stopped with an automatic controller .
Additionally an integrated Sequencer is available, which can play some rhythms of the MFB-501. The speed is adjustable. The MFB-KULT has an stereo output. Additionally there is the MIDI IN.

Like new condition. Has not gone to any gigs. Studio use only when I used it on the two records I needed it for and will now pass it on for $200.00 with a printed copy of the manual with all the sound sets and note numbers listed. There are also the internal beats you can sync with the midi in.

Great machine and super compact.
Novamusik and Robot Speak have them listed at $265.00. Analog Haven pulled their link down.

I've priced it at $200.00
Will give it a week or so and then off to ebay. need your own generic radio shack power supply (figure about $10.00 if you don't have one yet)


...the end is upon us.


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